HSU advocates for expansion of affordable housing and prevention services and for immediate access to safe, decent, emergency and transitional housing, outreach and drop-in services for homeless New Yorkers.

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Community Recognition Awards Celebration

It’s been three challenging years since HSU, our staff, board, members and partners have been able to come together in-person to celebrate as our industry was one of the hardest hit during COVID. As others felt some relief in their workload, our industry went right from the pandemic to serving over 60,000 Asylum Seekers who needed assistance and we opened over 100 new shelters in one year to help address their needs.

How HSU Helps

We support our members to ensure they have the tools they need to provide quality care for New Yorkers who are homeless or experiencing a housing crisis

We provide expert support for policy makers, funders, government and nonprofit professionals working with homeless New Yorkers to inform program design and implementation

HSU advocates for expansion of affordable housing, prevention services and solutions to the crisis of homelessness

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