HSU Committees & Meetings

HSU holds regular membership meetings, standing committees, and workgroups, to organize and improve collaboration, and promote provider-driven solutions to challenges with the homeless services sector.

For more info on any of these Committees, please email Eric Lee at elee@hsunited.org

General Membership Meetings- HSU convenes meetings of the entire membership to provide updates on HSU’s recent initiatives, city & state budget briefings, government contract updates, governance items, and guest speakers from the sector.

Finance and Contracts Committee- is open to all CFOs and senior finance staff from HSU member agencies.  This committee meets with senior DHS Finance staff to discuss PEGS, budget and contract changes, and address specific fiscal questions/concerns.

SOS Workgroup- convenes state funded SOS teams with their local DHS outreach and safe haven counterparts to promote collaboration between various entities working with unsheltered New Yorkers experiencing homelessness

Street Outreach Committee – meets to coordinate efforts between DHS contracted outreach, safe haven, respite and stabilization beds providers and relevant government agencies to ensure that all persons living in the streets can have access to appropriate shelter and housing services.

Eviction & Homelessness Prevention Committee– meets monthly to discuss city & state advocacy efforts, funding, contract, and implementation issues & concerns, and cross agency/program referrals, resources, and collaborations.

Rehousing Committee- convenes shelter providers and community based groups focused on permanent housing placement monitoring efficacy of various subsidy programs, recommending process improvements and promoting best practices